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Building Resilient React Apps

UIs that are heavily dependent on javascript for rendering views can be prone to crashing when uncaught errors are thrown. React-based applications are no exception. This post aims to provide guidance for building resilient user interfaces by prioritizing error handling with React.   Error Classifications I like thinking about the types of errors that can happen

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Revisiting alternatives to Heroku, Vercel Edition

This post is for folks who are already paying for Heroku but are interested in other options. I recently reviewed alternatives to them after they dropped their free tier late last year. I’ve enjoyed how simple their setup was and the developer productivity I got out of it, especially when working with other devs. But

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New Website

Welcome to my new site! It’s built on top of Gatsby, a static site generator. It uses React, GraphQL, and a special version of markdown called MDX to render the pages you’re reading. MDX is a neat way of mixing React (JSX) and Markdown. I enjoy Markdown for it’s brevity when writing notes or documentation. I enjoy React for managing

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