Open Source


Easy to use React Bootstrap 4 components. This library contains React components that favor composition and control. The library does not depend on jQuery or Bootstrap javascript. However, Tether is relied upon for advanced positioning of content like Tooltips, Popovers, and auto-flipping Dropdowns.


A yeoman generator that packages common features for building out a blog with metalsmith, gulp and scss. Also included is a beautiful theme ported from jekyll called pixyll.

Node Stripe Membership SAAS

An express based app for creating a membership/subscription site with Stripe, Mailgun, mongodb and swig. Inspired by sahat/hackathon-starter and RailsApps/rails-stripe-membership-saas. It also handles stripe webhooks. Featured on


An angular directive for selecting text content on click. Why? Some people prefer not to add flash to their site to enable copy to clipboard. The next best thing is to make it easier to select a block of content with 1 simple click.


Mailgun-js SDK

A javascript sdk for Mailgun built with webpack, babel & es6. This can be used in node or in the browser.

Node Prelaunch

A Mailgun powered landing page for capturing user sign ups while you work on building out your product. Includes responsive transactional email templates, the ability to send post launch emails in batches and a deploy button.



Contributed to Rackspace’s front-end framework, Canon.


OpenStack Keystone authentication strategy for Passport.js.