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New Blog, New Dog

I’ve done a decent job at announcing my new website/blog designs and the tooling I used to build it but not that great of a job actually publishing content. In hopes of keeping things fresh around here, especially with the state of Twitter (and Instagram), I decided to work with something that can easily store draft content, mixed media and really just something kind of fun. So after an almost 15 year hiatus it’s back to WordPress. So long react, jekyll, gatsby, metalsmith, hugo and all the other projects I tried along the way. If you have anything that you’d like me to write about, drop me a note.

A picture of a french bulldog sitting down like a human squinting at the camera in a super cute way
Soju, my new pup.

And last but not lease is Soju! She’s the most recent addition to the family. As you can tell she’s also really skeptical about all of this blog stuff. She mostly wants to chew on everything and zoom around the apartment. She loves car rides and is not a fan of these bay area bomb cyclones.



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